Awesome Activities To Keep Kids Busy And Boredom Free

The summer season is upon us once again, with the current stay at home orders, how can you keep boredom at bay? Try a few of these fun, low-cost activities to keep your children engaged and entertained (and your own sanity intact).

1. “Pick” The Bucket: Kids can be hugely imaginative, but often times that ingenuity goes right out the window when you ask them to “find something to do.” A simple solution: create an activity bucket with ideas written on slips of paper, and have your kids draw one or more of them daily. Include everything from making homemade ice cream to building a fort in the living room. Make it easy on yourself by sticking to activities that use only materials you’ve got on hand.

2. Cinema Under The Stars: Since we can’t go to the theaters right now how about you host a movie night alfresco? The only must-have items are a laptop, projector and a speaker (plus one or two kid-friendly flicks). Everything else is dictated by your available space and personal taste. Set up chairs, but also provide lots of comfy blankets and pillows to lounge on. Go with standard popcorn-and-candy movie fare or try out some easy to eat finger foods (sliders, bite-sized cheeses, mini-cupcakes, etc.). Fill a metal tub with ice and lots of cold beverages, and you’re all set for the screening!

3. The Bomb: You probably spend 90% of your time telling your kids not to make a mess. But rules are made to be broken, and shaving cream bomb fights are a great excuse to shatter the usual stipulations. Simply fill water balloons with shaving cream (not too full, or they may pop), tie them loosely and place in a large bowl. Once you’ve got enough for the kids to play with, let them go wild outside! And clean-up is a snap: just spray the areas covered with shaving cream with water and it will dissolve instantly.

4. Garden Party: Want to get your kids hooked on a healthy pastime? Gardening is the way to go. Talk to local gardening pros about which fruits, veggies or flowers are easiest to grow in your area. The more they’re involved with choosing the plants and layout of their garden, the more likely they’ll be to keep up with weeding, watering and other important maintenance.

5. Oudoor Camp: Summer camps and local parks can be off the menu but you can make your own outdoor camp in your backyard. Camping out under the stars is a summertime ritual no kid (or grown-up) wants to miss. Oh and don’t forget a special Smore treat!